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Simply Solitaire by macgamesandmore
solitaire apple game mac

Simply Solitaire is here! You'll find a variety of different classic solitaire games to choose from, but if you are also looking for your favorite Klondike, Freecell or Mac Spider Solitaire game, you got it with Simply Solitaire. These games are the old standbys that fit in perfectly when you need a good game of solitaire during a short, relaxing break.

You can choose different backgrounds and cards for more variety. And of course you will get more variety with the different games. My favorite is Mac Spider Solitaire. We'll keep adding new games with all updates free of charge. Download it below to try it out for free.

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Smack Mahjong
smack mahjong apple game mac

Mahjong remains to be a favorite mac game for gamers worldwide because of one thing: it's simply fun to play. You can play it for a small amount of time, for example, when you take a short break from work, or you can play it for extended periods to relax. It's a non-stressful, beautiful game that also exercises your brain. Nothing wrong with that!

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