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This Week’s Mac Games & Software Releases

August 9th, 2009 by cate

The Week’s Picks are here! Click here to check them out: mac games. New software releases are below:

Bank! 1.0 – Mind bending puzzle game widget with money! (Freeware)
iTunes Converter 1.0.8 – Convert DRM protected music to unprotected formats. (Shareware)
AudioBook Converter 1.0.8 – Convert audio books to MP3 or AAC. (Shareware)
Gabble 1.2 – Native OS X desktop client for the Yammer messaging service. (Free)
iMusic Valet 1.0 – iPod-like MP3 player on your desktop. (Demo)
Jacknife 1.0 – FileMaker scheduling program for businesses and organizations. (Demo)
DeskLabels 1.0 – Label groups and piles of folders on your desktop. (Shareware)
AppManager 1.07 – Track rating and comments for iPod Touch/iPhone Apps. (Free)
Light Guitar Audio Unit 1.0 – A new kind of musical instrument that replaces the wood and sound used by acoustic musical instruments with electrical currents and light waves. (Freeware)
PuzzleMaze 1.0 – Roll your ball to the red exit hole and on the way pick up all the red rubies. Use your mouse to move the maze pieces left or right, up or down to create a path to the finish. (Shareware)
Spanning Tools 1.0 – Analyzes, reports, and fixes issues with iCal, Address Book, and Sync. (Free)
Shadow Control 1.0 – Toggles window shadows on or off when you take screenshots. (Free)
FoneConnector for Daylite 1.0 – Flexible inbound telephony solution for Marketcircle‘s Daylite. (Shareware)
Artwork Gofer 1.0 – Find artwork for your iTunes albums and add it to albums’ tracks. (Free)
PortraiMatic 1.0 – Produce passport photos sheets. (Shareware)
IconBurglar 1.1 – Ultimate icon & resource extractor for Mac OS X. (Shareware)
Palm Sounds Dashboard Widget 1.0 – Get Palm Sounds on your Mac OSX dashboard so you don’t have to be in your browser to get all that Palm Sounds goodness. (Freeware)
3D Desktop Cars Screen Saver 1.0 – 3D cars zoom and skid around the screen. (Shareware)
Virtual Range 1.0 – Rocket flight simulator. (Free)
iPhone Linkpad 1.0 – Widget puts contact info on your iPhone with a click. (Free)
Bit Rate Calculator 1.0 – Widget calculates the datarate (kBit/s) of the used streaming volume. (Free)
Virtual Range 1.0 – A rocket flight simulator for Mac OS X. With Virtual Range, you can test the stability and performance of model or high power rocket before you launch it. (Freeware)
Solar Eclipse Maestro 1.0.3 – Controls up to 4 USB or Firewire connected cameras during an eclipse. (Free)
SendContacts 1.0 – An Automator workflow application that sends contacts from Address Book to a Bluetooth device such as a cell phone. (Freeware)
Freshlog 1.0.1 – Screen capture for agile project collaboration. (Shareware)
ReCal 1.0 – Resets the screen calibration for gamers. (Free)
NetStatInDock 1.0 – Dockling displays network data transfer. (Free)
Token Forge 1.0 – Create game tokens to be used on any digital gaming board. (Free)

Have a fun week.

Featured Mac Games Plus New Releases for Mac

August 2nd, 2009 by cate

The round up of this week’s Mac Games is here: mac games. New releases for Mac are below:

Quick Reply 1.0 – Quickly send messages to your Adium contacts. (Free)
Pagehand 1.0.4 – Word processor. (Demo)
App Store Expense Monitor 1.0.6 – Menubar item displays amount of money you spent at App Store. (Free)
Time-Shift Radio Library for iPhone 1.0 – Create your own radio player in just hours all for free.
PrintRipper 1.0 – Allows the user to use as many printers as the user would like and assign as many hot folders as needed.  (Demo)
NZ Earthquakes Screen Saver 1.0 – Shows the latest earthquakes that occured in New Zealand. (Free)
Burger Shop 2 1.0 – Rebuild your restaurant empire, adding new twists to your menu. (Demo)
RPN Scientific Caculator 1.0 – Calculator with many mathematical functions. (Free)
Easy Currencies 1.0 – Displays current exchange rates and conversions. (Shareware)
ModBusProbe 1.0 – Poll MODBUS enabled control system devices. (Shareware)
Vocalex English 1.0 – Extend your vocabulary in English in a fun and easy way. (Demo)
Toy Train Widget 1.0 – A little Choo Choo on your Dashboard. (Free)
SmashTunes 1.1 – Displays the currently playing song in your menubar. (Shareware)
Black Friday Countdown 1.0 – Widget that countdowns the biggest shopping days of the year. (Free)
GeekCalc 1.0.7 – Caclulator for software developers. (Free)
Wiimote Whiteboard 1.0 – Use Wii Remote to turn any surface to a whiteboard. (Free)
TurboMCS Controller 1.0 – Interface with high speed time resolved pulse counters. (Free)
Walk of Fame 1.0 – Become a famous Hollywood movie maker. (Shareware)
Moonwalk 1.0 – Fastest PDF page order reversal tool. (Free)
Doorman 1.0 – Password generator. (Free)
Cram 1.0 – Study for tests. (Shareware)
Artwork Gofer 1.0 – Find artwork for your iTunes albums. (Free)
Bunker Run – Side-scrolling action game like Armor Alley.  (Shareware)
Gmail Studio – Brings Gmail Studio to your desktop with minimal interference to your (Shareware)

Have a great week.

New Mac Games and Other Releases this Week

May 10th, 2009 by cate

I’ve posted this week’s game selections so try to check them out here: mac games. Below are new software, widgets, freeware and more:

Magic Tagger 1.0 – Identifies information missing from ID3 tags. (Shareware)
CompletionCM 1.0 – Contextual menu item for completing words. (Demo)
Cyclone.saver 1.0 – Screensaver displays flying particles blown up by cyclones. (Free)
Capo 1.0.2 – Slow down and learn to play your favorite songs. (Shareware)
Automaton 1.0 – Four tools for improving your workflow. (Shareware)
Willow Programmer 1.0.4 – Create shortcut for repetitive text entries. (Demo)
MeshWrite 1.1.2 – Productivity tool to help you get your ideas down on paper. (Shareware)
Iguania 1.01 – Colorize photographs. (Shareware)
ArchiveMac 1.2 – Supports archiving large files to CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray. (Shareware)
Automaton 1.0 – AutoNotes, AutoClips, AutoTyper and AutoFiler. AutoNotes is notepad unlike any other. You can activate it with a hotkey. Notes are tagged, and linked like a Wiki. A fast and powerful way of brainstorming, making knowledge databases, or simply jotting down quick notes. (Shareware)
CompletionCM 1.0 – A contextual menu item providing a series of possible character sequence completions, placing your selection on the clipboard for replacement.
SnapFlow 1.0 – Select, compare, enhance, and de-interlace video shots. (Demo)
Cartographica 1.0 – Explore and refine data, create beautiful maps, export as KML, and mor (Demo)
Clyppan 1.0 – Access your clipboard history. (Free)
iTracker 1.0 – Control your Mac’s cursor with movements from your head. (Demo)
WakeOnLan 1.0 – Wake up other computers. (Free)
Downplane 1.0 – Slow internet download speed solution. (Free)
Conquest of Phobos 1.0.8 - Destroy new and unusual robots bent on your demise. (Shareware)
Locr Uploader for iPhoto 1.0 – This new plug-in for iPhoto allows you to upload your photos to the popular Locr service directly from within iPhoto. (Freeware)
myMacTime 1.1 – Designed for anyone who wants to keep track of the time spent working on specific tasks with little effort.  (Shareware)
Plants vs Zombies 1.0 – action-strategy game (Shareware)
Search Wikipedia 1.0 – With this widget, you can type in any information that you want to search on Wikipedia and it will open the web page with the results. (Freeware)
WebGlass 1.0.1 – Turns your iSight into a live webcam. (Shareware)
GuestReel 1.0 – Interactive guestbook. (Shareware)
Convert to PDF 1.0 – Convert all of your text files to PDF. This action uses the underlying cups printing system ability to convert files, it’s a simple front end to the command line tool cupsfilter. (Freeware)
Copititolo 1.0.2 – A menu bar item which displays and copies the title of your browser’s front window to the clipboard, and provides access to bookmarks from the menu bar. (Demo)
Things 1.1.1 – Elegant personal task management. (Demo)
TubePod 1.0.5 – Download and save YouTube videos to your Mac or iPod. (Free)
SlingPlayer 1.0.8 – Stream your TV over your home network. (Updater)
MovieDek 1.0.11 – Extract frames from movies. (Demo)
iBackup for Mac 1.1.3 – Online backup service. (Commercial)
Twin 1.0b1 – Online storage solution. (Commercial)
Lightning Brain ImageHorn 1.0.1 – Plug-in enables dynamic image fitting in InDesign. (Free)
Egglomania 1.0.3 – Egg Puzzle Game. (Shareware)
Klicko 1.1.1 – Blocks clickthrough, maximizes application windows. (Free)
ScriptPal 1.0.1 – Easy access to the iTunes scripts you use. (Free)
Budget Workbook 1.5 – Track your expenses. (Shareware)
Plexoo 1.0b2 – Versatile image resizing tool. (Demo)
Read Me a Book 1.1 – Make audio clips from books to play in iTunes. (Shareware)

Have a good week.

New Games and Software This Week

March 8th, 2009 by cate

Picks are up! Click here: mac games. Software and other new items are below:

Quit All 1.0 – Quits all running applications except Finder/sys apps. (Free)
Right Zoom 1.0 – Created for people who don’t like default behaviour of green Zoom button. (Free)
ActionGear 1.0.4 – Task management application that lives in the menubar. (Demo)
Hacker Evolution- Untold 1.0 – Use hacker skills, keep computers from being the next alpha species. (Demo)
StoryTweaker for InDesign 1.0 – Allows round-tripping text out and back into an InDesign layout. (Demo)
MacVideoTunes 1.0 – iTunes-like player for media files supported by QuickTime. (Free)
Display Maestro 1.0 – Full control over attached displays and available resolutions. (Shareware)
Lounge 1.0 – Shows current iTunes song on screen saver. (Shareware)
Zero 1.0 – 21 Icons as well as some extra’s.
SpiralBound 1.0 – Stickies along with basic organizing and security features.
Besmashed 1.0 – A game with a ball and two rackets. (Demo)
ITTSW.growlView 1.0 – Customize animations for Growl. (Free)
atMonitor 1.0.3 – System monitoring software tracks CPU, RAM, GPU, VRAM, FPS, more. (Shareware)
SkypeCap 1.3 – Record Skype video and audio conversations. (Demo)
Stream 1.0 – Quartz Composer visualizer plugin for iTunes. (Free)
Mish-Mash 1.0 – Rebuild the photos that have been divided and randomly laid out. (Free)
FusionCharts for Flex 1.0 – Charting component for Adobe Flex solutions. (Demo)
Click Archive 1.0.1 – Makes streamlined archival as easy as a single mouse click. (Demo)
RadicalCodex 1.0 – Digital Comic Book reader and organizer. (Shareware)
fp Plugin 1.0 – Add BigInterger and BigFloat to REALbasic. (Free)
Safari 4 Buddy 1.0 – Change several hidden preferences in the Safari 4 Public Beta. (Free)
png2icon 1.0 – Convert .png images to OS X icon formats. (Shareware)
TCTimer 1.0 – Tool designed to perform timing of animations. (Shareware)
PDFDek 1.0.3 – Extract images from PDF files. (Demo)

Have a good week!

New Games and Other Releases

February 8th, 2009 by cate

This week’s mac games picks are posted here: mac games. Below find new mac software, widgets, icons, etc:

Instavue 1.0 – Extracts Instaviz graphs from iPhone or iPod Touch backups. (Free)
Sunset 1.0 – Widget calculates sunrise/sunset times for any location in the world. (Free)
SQLite Migrator 1.0 – Migrate to SQLite any database that you can connect to using ODBC. (Demo)
ImageFromText 1.0 – Basic utility to create a PDF document from some text. (Free)
StitchBuddy 1.0 – Modify and convert embroidery files.
Blue Leopard 1.0 – 19 icons. (Free)
Tetris Shapes 1.0 – Tetris shapes icons. (Free)
ChocoBar – CandyBar icons 1.0 – Use ChocoBar to change the taste of your CandyBar. Flavors: Cadbury, KitKat, Twix, Crunch, Milo, Mars.
CamExtractor 1.0 – Quickly rename and import your photos. (Free)
Payslip 1.0 – Keeps track of finaces for part time and casual workers. (Free)
MacStockManager 1.0 – Stock portfolio management, live quotes, and stock charting. (Shareware)
Kaleidosaver 1.0 – Let the lines and patterns enchant you in this screen saver. (Free)
Valentine Icons 2009 1.0 – Icons, with iPhone inspired square buttons. (Free)
OhMy! Cyclop Mac Drives 1.0 – Leopard Drive, Yellow Drive, Red Drive, Green Drive, Blue Drive and Black Drive icons. (Free)
Leopard iPhone Icons 1.0 – 18 replacement icons of Mac OS X Leopard Folders in iPhone Icons Style. (Free)
Chococons 1.0 – 12 heart-shaped chocolate icons for Valentine’s Day. (Free)
Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 2009 Season Draw 1.0 – Actual dates and times have been confirmed for the first few rounds. The NRL will then update the draw every week. (Free)
Jetwilson SMARTship icon set 1.0 – For use with your Mac. Includes three new ships from SMART III. Like the icons? Play the game at the publisher’s site. (Free)
Deskguise 1.0 – Menubar app for fast transformation/customization of the Mac desktop. (Shareware)
OSMtoIMG 1.0 – With, you can export maps (for free) in XML OSM format. These maps are pretty handy – but if you want to load them onto your GPS, this free utility will allow you to easily convert the OSM files to IMG files which you can import into your Garmin GPS. (Free)
Involer 1.0 – Make invoicing quick, easy and fun. (Shareware)
Raise 1.0 – Dsplays the currently open windows for any application. (Free)
SpotQuick 1.0 – Makes up for some shortcomings in the Leopard implementation of Spotli (Free)
Tweetube 1.0.6 – Record from webcam and share on Twitter via Tweetube. (Free)
Stock Photo Catalog 1.0 – Gather keywords and descriptions, create a clean keyword list. (Free)
CtrlCrossTalk CS4 1.0 – Instant text editing in any InDesign document, CS3 version available. (Demo)

Have a great week!

Mac Games and Software This Week

February 1st, 2009 by cate

Hello and happy Superbowl Sunday! If you happen to not watch the game or need something to do before and during breaks, here are this week’s mac games picks. Find new releases of mac software below:

iTunesNextPrev 1.0 – Turns F14 and F15 keys into next/previous iTunes track hotkeys. (Free)
Konzern Theme 1.0 – Professional business theme for RapidWeaver. (Demo)
Snapplr 1.0 – Take and share screenshots. (Shareware)
iVisibilityX 1.0 – Toggle the visibility of files and folders. (Free)
Instant Backup 1.0 – Back up and archive your most important and sensitive projects. (Demo)
Fontcase 1.0.3 – Powerful font management with an elegant workflow. (Shareware)
Sonic Charge Synplant 1.0 – Innovative AU/VST plug-in with a genetic approach to sound creation. (Shareware)
TapNTune 1.0 – Full-featured combination Metronome and Tuner. (Free)
WhoisConnected 1.0 – Widget displays network connections sorted by application and running (Free)
Image Commander 1.0 – Add text or watermark to any picture. (Shareware)
Binerus Image Commander 1.0 – Full-featured software that allows you to add text or image watermark to any picture.
Scharping 1.0 – Reduces the noise of CD drive while listening to audio CDs. (Free)
Warranty Hero 1.0 – Track warranties of purchased items. (Demo)
SpaceSuit 1.1 – Customize Spaces with a different desktop picture for each Space. (Free)
Aspire 1.0b1 – Tool for defining your goals, identifying obstacles, brainstorming. (Demo)
EverSave 1.0.1 – Save your work at time intervals or by changing frontmost application. (Free)
Somatic Rebirth Apps 1.0 – 50+ new icons for Somatic Rebirth Apps.
iDuelpro 2009 1.0 – Lifepoints calculator for the Yugioh TCG. (Free)
Calcboard 1.0 – Dedicated to mathematical calculation for technical fields. (Shareware)
myWallet 1.01 – Simple and fast password storage application. (Shareware)
Mac Products Icons 1.0 – Icon set contains all Macs in stores currently. (Free)
Instant Backup 1.0.2 – Back up and archive your most important and sensitive projects. (Demo)
Submarine 1.0 – Software self update framework for Cocoa developers. (Free)
ClickInstall 1.0.1 – Create professional app installers. (Demo)
PerformanceInspector 1.0 – Advanced profiling tool for Quartz Composer. (Demo)
TwitTunes 1.0 – Menubar item to post your current iTunes song to Twitter. (Free)
TM Error Logger 1.0 – Macintosh Time Machine error reporting program. (Free)

Have a marvelous week, everyone.

The Week’s Picks and New Releases

January 12th, 2009 by cate

Hi there! Here are this week’s picks: mac games. Below are new releases for mac.

Roman Theme 1.0.1 – Theme for RapidWeaver. (Demo)
CSoM Remind Me 1.0.2 – Reminds you of appointments, birthdays and anniversaries. (Shareware)
SongGenie 1.0 – Untitled, incorrect music titles in your iTunes library are now histor (Demo)
ModelBaker 1.0 – Create production-ready, database driven web sites. (Demo)
JuiceDrop 1.0 – Upload files to an iPhone by drag and drop. (Free)
Viscosity 1.0.2 – Graphical user interface for OpenVPN. (Shareware)
Rock’N’Roll Dice 1.0 – Rolling dice has never been more visually appealing and fun! Rock’n’Roll is, without a doubt, the most stunning dice application on the market. Ideal for Dungeon Masters and dice rolling fanatics around the world.
Things 1.0 – Elegant personal task management. (Demo)
Table2GridBag 1.0 – Java console tool for configuring java.awt.GridBagLayout. (Free)
ClipToIconCM 1.0 – Contextual menu plug-in which adds custom icons to files. (Demo)
ProxyMill 1.0 – Create low-res, preview quality QT movies from Panasonic P2 HD media. (Demo)
CropaRatio 1.0 – Easy photo cropping and print adjustment. (Free)
Disk Doctors Mac Data Recovery 1.0 – Recovers lost and deleted data from HFS+, HFSX file systems. (Demo)
Simply Stylish Pages Templates 1.0 – Spice up your Apple Pages documents. (Free)
DVD RegionCode Unlock 1.0 – Allows user to set the DVD region code. (Free)
Caster 1.0 – Episodic game presents an intense 3rd person action shooter experience. (Shareware)
Sunken Words 1.0.2 – Race the clock to unscramble and assemble as many words as you can before the clock runs out.
Canon 400D + lens icon 1.0 – Canon 400D camera + lens 17-85mm icons. 512px to 16px. (Free)
PocketMac RingtoneStudio for iPhone 1.1 – Just drag any movie or unprotected music file onto PocketMac RingtoneStudio and it does all the rest.
AppManager 1.04 – Track rating and comments for iPod Touch/iPhone Apps. (Free)
ExchangeRateCM 1.0.2 – Contextual menu converts various currencies. (Demo)
Remind Me 1.0.2 – Create iCal events for birthdays, anniversaries for iPhone/iPod touch. (Free)

Have a great week!

Mac Game Picks for the Week and New Releases

December 28th, 2008 by cate

Picks are up: mac games. New releases are below:

xampp 1.0 – Complete webserver solution. (Free)
GrandPerspective 1.0 – Graphically shows disk usage within a file system. (Free)
Ringy Dingy 1.0 – Create ringtones for iPhone. (Demo)
Snowmen Saver 1.0 – 3D animated group of snowmen whimsically skating on a frozen lake. (Free)
Filter Designer 1.0 – Simplifies the design of lumped element audio filters. (Free)
Apple Mail Updater 1.0 – Addresses stability issues with Mail in OS X 10.5.6. (Updater)
PhoneFinger 1.1 – Transform your mouse into simulated finger for testing iPhone apps. (Free)
MovieInfoCM 1.0.1 – plugin used for displaying the properties of movie files as entries of the Finder’s contextual menu.
Float 1.0 – Light, airy RapidWeaver theme. (Commercial)
Textcast 1.0 – Turns any text into personal podcasts. (Demo)
Indicator(s) 1.0 – Divide your Dock applications into sets, categories. (Free)
Qu-s 1.0 – Organize your temporary items on your desktop. (Shareware)
Audio Splitter 1.0.1 – Split big audio files in unprotected MP3 or AAC file format. (Free)
iPhotoBurnToDisc 1.0.1 – iPhoto plug-in burns images to multiple DVDs or CDs. (Demo)
Dropbox Cache Cleaner 1.0 – Widget to keep your Dropbox cache at a respectable size. (Free)
iPhoneScreenGrabber 1.0 – Easily grab and save high-quality LZW-compressed TIFF screenshots from the iPhone SDK’s iPhone Simulator.
My iTunes RSS 1.0 – Widget displays the music of all countries available on iTunes Store. (Free)
Skeiron 1.0 – iTunes controller, displays track info and artwork and more. (Free)
FMSmallBusiness 1.0.3 – FileMaker solution for running a small business. (Demo)
GPS2Aperture Pro 1.0.24 – Geotagging application for Aperture and Google Earth. (Shareware)
Winter Wonders 1.1 – iTunes visualizer adds magic and merriment to your holidays. (Demo)
sed+awk Cheat Widget 1.0 – All the main commands for sed and awk *nix tools. (Free)
FlyPath 1.0.6 – Fle browser and file manager. (Demo)

Happy New Year!!!!

New games and software this week

December 21st, 2008 by cate

Game picks are here: mac games, and new mac software and more are below:

Free Guitar Tuner 1.0 – free guitar tuner.
AIM for Mac 1.0 – AOL Instant Messenger client. (Free)
Highbrow 1.0 – Utilize each installed web browser more effectively. (Shareware)
Massive Mail 1.0.4 – Generate customized email messages. (Shareware)
DataClean 1.0.1 – Clean and manipulate large amounts of data. (Demo)
Yule’s Christmas Quest 1.0 – Holiday game.
MKext Tool 1.0 – Fast and efficient interface to manipulate mkexts. (Free)
AudioRefurb 1.0 – Enhance the sound quality of your audio files. (Demo)
Fast Rabbit Typing 1.0 – Improve your typing speed and accuracy. (Shareware)
Contour 1.0 – Story development system that streamlines the process of turning movie ideas from first glimmer to full outline.
Christmas Balls 1.0 – Christmas screen saver
ISUploader 1.0.1 – Divshare utility for uploading/downloading files. (Free)
Renamerox 1.0 – Rename, copy and move hundreds or thousands of files or folders. (Shareware)
SubPixel Display 1.0 – Lets developers see color info of subpixels used to display a pixel’s (Shareware)
My Things, Your Things 1.0 – Organize things you borrow to and from other people. (Shareware)
IconBurglar 1.0 – Ultimate icon & resource extractor for Mac OS X. (Shareware)
Snowmen Saver 1.0 – Screensaver featuring a 3D animated group of snowmen whimsically skating around a frozen lake.
32px mania iconset 1.0 – Almost 180 high quality icons
Filter Designer 1.0 – Simplifies the design of lumped element (inductor, capacitor, and resistor) filters. High-pass, low-pass, band-pass and band-stop filters of up to 20 elements are calculated from user specifications. The filter analysis results are displayed over frequency.

Check out this week’s mac picks!

December 14th, 2008 by cate

This week’s games are here: mac games, and here are other new mac software etc releases:

Loginox 1.0 - lets you easily customize the login screen.
Decimal Counter 1.0 – Ful featured counter for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion, Aft (Shareware)
Running Applications 1.0 – Floating palette app launcher. (Shareware)
SpotlightMetadata 1.0 – See the metadata that Spotlight is collecting on your files. (Free)
FTP Maker 1.0 – Upload files to your FTP server with a simple drag and drop. (Shareware)
Fish Toys Icons 1.0 – 4 icons of cute fishes. (Free)
Cronette 1.0.1 – Specifies tasks to be launched automatically by the Mac. (Shareware)
iConvert 1.0.1 – Widget can convert over 100 units within 13 categories. (Free)
Christmas Tree Bounce 1.0 – Bouncing Christmas tree screen saver. (Free)
Labels & Addresses 1.0 – Print addresses on labels/envelopes (was Mail Factory). (Shareware)
WebIconCM 1.0 – Add shortcut icons to web location files. (Demo)
WordSoup 1.0 - Race against the clock in this word puzzle game. (Demo)
ISUploader 1.0 – Divshare utility for uploading/downloading files. (Free)
Renamerox 1.0 – Rename, copy and move hundreds or thousands of files or folders. (Shareware)
LittleSnapper 1.0 – Screen capture tool with organization, sharing and editing abilities. (Shareware)
MotivationLOL 1.0 – Make mock motivational posters. (Shareware)
Euro Checksum 1.0 – Verify serial number authenticity of Euro banknotes. (Shareware)
DataClean 1.0 – Clean and manipulate large amounts of data. (Demo)
img2icns 1.0 – Convert images to .icns files, Pro version available. (Free)
Remote Connections Manager 1.0b – Centralized storage for telnet, ssh, ftp, sftp connections. (Shareware)

Have a great week!

The Week’s Games plus New Mac Software Releases

December 7th, 2008 by cate

Picks are up here: mac games. Below are the new mac software releases:

DelayedLauncher 1.0 – Delay the launch of specified login items. (Free)
TextTranslator 1.0 – Widget translates text in over 30 languages. (Free)
hHasher 1.0 – Easy way to generate hashes for a variety of data sources. (Free)
Adobe Dock 1.0 – Dock app launcher for Adobe CS3 apps. (Free)
PageRank Viewer 1.0 – Displays Google pageranks of up to 20 websites at a time. (Free)
OverDrive Media Console 1.0 – Audiobook player and manager. (Free)
Unicode Snippets 1.0 – Snippet groups to be used with TextExpander. (Free)
Toon Boom Animate 1.0 – End-to-end vector based animation software. (Demo)
Winter Train 3D Screensaver 1.0 – Steam locomotive traveling through the mountains in winter. (Shareware)
Deutsche Akronyme Snippets 1.0 – Snippets for use with TextExpander. (Free)
Happy Holidaze Screensaver 1.0 – 12 cool and colorful animated screens. (Free)
Manhour 1.0 – Time billing with automated rate selection. (Demo)
Mac Total Media Converter 1.0 – DVD ripper and video converter. (Shareware)
Bitnotic chill 1.0 – Plays unique ambient music 24/7 on your computer.
Jubilee Screen Saver 1.0 – Holiday light screen saver with millions of combinations. (Free)
Cupcake Icons 1.0 – A dozen cupcakes, fresh from the oven. (Free)
DMG Canvas 1.0.2 – Customize every aspect of your disk image. (Free)
TeaTimer Widget 1.0 – Reminds you of all that stuff that you always forget. (Free)
iScrapBox 1.0 – Manage your digital art scrapbook. (Demo)
TCNotes 1.0 – Takes notes on any video clip, share with colleagues. (Demo)
QuickWho 1.0 – Graphical interface to the Unix ‘whois’ command-line utility. (Shareware)
Gingerbread Man 1.0 – Widget displays a dancing gingerbread man for the holidays. (Free)
Currency Converter 1.0 - Widget calculates currency conversions. (Free)
RotoAdventures Momo’s Quest 1.0 – The story of Momo a little squirrel in a life quest for finding its owner.
EventBox 1.0 – Integrates many social websites, including Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Digg, Reddit and RSS.
Retrofied Urban Decay iPhone Wallpaper Set 1.0 – Over 40 unique designs to set to your iPhone wallpaper.
Santa and the City 3D Christmas Screen Saver 1.0 – Fly with Santa and this reindeer thru an amazingly detailed, real-time 3D city.
Tribal Land Tattoo Icon Set 1.0 – 20 Leopard-ready icons with tribal designs in unique variations.
Simple Query Tool 1.0 – Database search tool for MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite. (Demo)
FlexCal 1.10 – Get to-dos into your calendar/mail to-do list quickly (was FlexTD). (Free)
ArtNetTools 1.0 – Quartz Composer Plugin to send/receive DMX512 data. (Demo)
Submit to BatchOutput Server 1.0.1 – Part of the BatchOutput Server Workflow. (Updater)
Klicko 1.0 – Blocks click-through inside application windows. (Free)
Massive Mail 1.0 – Generate customized email messages. (Shareware)
AssaultCube 1.0 – Team oriented multiplayer shooter based on Cube. (Free)

Have a fun week!

Picks are up! Plus new mac software here

November 30th, 2008 by cate

This week’s picks are up here: mac games.

Tone-Foo 1.0 – Create ringtones for your iPhone. (Free)
iTarGz 1.0 – Compress your files efficiently. (Free)
DMG Canvas 1.0.1 – Customize every aspect of your disk image. (Free)
FluidTunes 1.0 – Control your iTunes music with body motions. (Free)
Christmas Swap 1.0 – Puzzles that will test your brain as well as your reflexes
Sunken Words 1.0.1 – Voyage far into the magical, silent depths of the sea in this elegant new release from Fire Maple Games. Race the clock to unscramble and assemble as many words as you can before the clock runs out. Welcome a new fish to your colorfully growing aquarium with every level successfully completed! Care to make a wager? Dare to double (or lose!) your points at the start of each new level.
Vega 1.01 – The faster you can collect packages, the more point you’ll keep and supplies you’re base station will receive. If that’s enough to scare you, we’ll also throw in some meteorites, falling boulder and even blinding dust storms. The business of space rescue just got harder.
ReadOnlyMounter 1.0 – Mount USB flash memory, USB & FireWire HD as read-only. (Free)
Hollywood Screen Saver 1.0 – A timelapse postcard from the City of Angels, the Hollywood sign. (Free)
RegenRadar Widget 1.0 – Radar images for Germany, Netherlands, parts of Austria, Switzerland. (Free)
AddressBookSync 1.0 – Application to download Facebook profile pictures to Address Book cards. This is a handy tool to keep your contacts’ pictures updated if you have numerous Facebook friends in your Mac OS X Address Book.
AKVIS ArtWork 1.0 – Designed to imitate different painting techniques. The transformation of a picture into a painting happens before your very eyes – you can follow the birth of a work of art in real time! Your personal virtual artist lays brush strokes naturally using the original photo as a reference.
Chronograph 1.0 – Time tracking application. List your projects, divide them into tasks and start the timer; it is as easy as that! With its intuitive interface, Chronograph makes time-tracking and reports-generation as unobtrusive as possible.
Hollywood Screen Saver 1.0 – A timelapse postcard from the City of Angels.
MacStars 1.0 – An original Mac OS X screensaver with floating, sparkling stars.
ReadOnlyMounter 1.0 – works as if a write-protect switch of a device. And the driver does not care the format of device, so it works for not only HFS but also FAT. I made this software to protect the digital camera memory from .DS_Store.
Sponge 1.0 – A tool to keep your Mac clean and tidy. With Sponge you can reclaim your disk space by removing applications, sweeping disk hogs, finding duplicates.
WaterThumber 1.0 – WaterThumber is an all-in-one solution for resizing your images and getting them ready for online publication. With WaterThumber you can create High-Quality thumbnails and smaller versions of your images. You can also add a custom watermark to your images.
GadgetTrak BakUp 1.0 – Backup to an onsite or offsite location, or GadgetTrak’s data center. (Demo)
Madeira Saver 1.0 – A trip around the island of Madeira through a screen saver. (Free)

Have a great week!

Picks are up early!

November 15th, 2008 by cate

Hi! Here’s this week’s picks: mac games. If you missed last weeks picks, click here: last week’s mac games. The new mac software and other goodies released this weeks are below:

MySecureShell 1.0 – SFTP server with GUI setup. (Free)
Baby Health Journal 1.0 – Gives parents the ability to document and track all things “baby”. (Demo)
iPhotoImageArchiver 1.0 – Export your iPhoto images to archive files. (Shareware)
Chronograph 1.0 – Track time spent on tasks and projects and generate reports. (Shareware)
Xbase 1.0 – Create databases to manage your data. (Shareware)
iExpander 1.0 – Zip file unarchiver. (Free)
ScreenCapper 1.0 – Generate screenshots of your video files easily. (Demo)
simple sync 1.0 – AppleScript Studio app wrapper for rsync. (Free)
iPhonePNGApp 1.0 – Show/fix png image resources inside an iPhone application. (Free)
Eclipse Icon Set 1.0 – Retro styled black and white icon set. (Free)
Fun Card Maker 1.0.1 – Send personalized postcards right from your desktop. (Free)
Modena 1.0 – On-screen countdown timer. (Demo)
Vidalin 1.0 – Apple TV utility adds titles, descriptions, ratings, to your shows. (Free)
BoinxTV 1.0 – Live-production software for video podcasters. (Demo)
Toon Boom Animate 1.0 – End-to-end vector based animation software. (Demo)
Podcast-Pro 1.0 – music background and sound effects library ideal for professional podcating or Videoasting.
Wheatgrass Juice 1.0 – simple collection of 8 carefully crafted Mac OS X icons related to wheatgrass juice.
Classic 45s Jukebox 1.0 – Widget to check the Sizzling Classics 45rpm inventory. (Free)
BuhDumTsh 1.0 – Plays the well-known drum riff, just for fun. (Free)
Sunken Words 1.0 – Underwater-themed word-puzzle game. (Shareware)

Have a great week!

Simply Solitaire, Picks and New Software

November 9th, 2008 by cate

We just released our new game, Simply Solitaire and it’s on sale until November 16 (50% off!). Find it with this week’s picks here: mac games. Below are this week’s new mac software and more:

TorrentDam 1.0 – Torrent search utility. (Free)
iPaint 1.0 – Paint application based on Paintbrush. (Free)
Vanilla Draw 1.0 – Simple drawing application based on Paintbrush. (Free)
Rivened 1.0 – 8 wallpapers inspired by the game Riven. (Free)
Anaglyph Workshop 1.0 – Create anaglyphs from single images, dual images, depthmaps, and more. (Shareware)
EventBox 1.0 – Interact with social websites and receive notifications from them. (Shareware)
JBrownie 1.0 – Java compiler watches sourcecode, automatically recompiles changed files. (Free)
World of Goo 1.0 – A physics based puzzle / construction game. The millions of Goo Balls who live in the beautiful World of Goo don’t know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.
Golden Ratio Calculator 1.0 – Widget calculates the golden ratio for graphic and website design. (Free)
TaskMate 1.0 – Lightweight task manager. (Free)
9 Loony Animals Icon Pack 1.0 – Icons of wacky animals. (Free)
Acidfanatic Acid Loops 50 Megs Free 1.0
ArtenSPEAK 1.0 – A simple application that speaks text. You may drag or paste text into the ArtenSPEAK text area and when you depress the loudspeaker button the text will be read to you. Ideal for use with webpages, email, or any text document.
Flickin’ Up 1.0 – Flickin’ Up is a replacement icon for the Flickr Uploadr app. Includes: Arrow and no-Arrow version.
Kivi’s Underworld 1.0 – A casual, hack and slash game.
MatrixSaver 1.0 – Replicates the screen effects of the motion picture The Matrix.
Motorcycle Engine Screensaver 1.0 – motorcycle screensaver.
Nanochromatic 1.0 – The deliciously colourful iPod nanos, in icon form.
Screen Shades 1.0 – Tints the display to help users with sensitive eyes. (Free)
Fiwi 1.0 – Move files, folders via 2 symmetrical Finder windows (was pwrWndws). (Demo)
PDF 2 PICT 1.0 – Drag&drop filter exports in 3 formats- TIFF, PDF, and PICT. (Free)
iLoveMacApps Widget 1.0 – Latest posts and application reviews from (Free)
9 Wacko Faces Icon Pack 1.0 – 9 icons of lunatic faces. (Free)

Picks are Posted plus new mac software here

November 2nd, 2008 by cate

Check out this week’s picks: mac games. Also, subscribers to my newsletter will get news in a couple of days when I release a new game. Subscribers will get a special 50% off the new game just for a limited time, so sign up now if you haven’t subscribed! I’ll probably send out the newsletter on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Here are the new mac software, widgets and games released:

No.1 1.0 – Simple arithmetic exercises of the mind. (Free)
Help Me Write 1.0
– Developed for the visually impaired. (Free)
FishDog Match 1.1 – Matching game with letter, number and picture cards. (Free)
Rotate and Flip a Batch of Multiple Photos 1.0 – Drag several photos onto the Rotate Multiple Images Program Icon, and a box will pop up, prompting you to select a rotating option. Select from Rotate Right, Rotate Left, Flip Horizontally, and Flip Vertically.
Avatar Icons 1.0 – customized avatars for your social web pages.
2009 – 2010 Moon Void of Course & Moon Signs 1.0 – This astrological moon calendar for 2009 – 2010 indicates when the moon is void of course and when a new moon sign begins.
Viscosity 1.0 – Graphical user interface for OpenVPN. (Shareware)
PocketMac iCalScreenSaver 1.0 – iCal users can make sure they never miss another appointment again.
Watermarks 1.0 – PDF watermarking made easy. (Demo)
Ghost 1.0 – Create and view hidden files. (Free)
Pointer+ 1.0 – Call attention to the cursor on screen. (Demo)
GSync 1.0 – Sync google contacts with Address Book and multiple Macs. (Free)
Zip Mac Files for PC 1.0 – Create zip files that PC users can use. (Demo)
Qbix 1.0 – Challenges you to see how much fun you can have rolling your cubes! You are tasked with clearing the levels of coloured cubes.
PDF Join and Merge 1.0 – Combine multiple PDF files without Acrobat. (Demo)
KavaMovies 1.0 – Organize the movies you’ve seen and your collection. (Demo)
Music Library Sync 1.0 – Easily maintain separate iTunes Music Libraries on multiple Macs. (Demo)
Veescope Signals 1.0 – FxPlug Filter for Final Cut Pro. (Demo)
GagaMarkets 1.0 – Real-time visual stock market index monitor. (Free)
Pony World Deluxe 1.0 – Adventures of ponies you create and control yourself. (Shareware)
CTA Bus Tracker Widget 1.0 – View estimated arrival times for selected Chicago bus routes. (Free)
2008 World Series Baseball Hats 1.0 – Set of two baseball hat icons inspired by the 2008 Baseball World Series. For Mac OS X and Vista. Free for personal, non-commercial use only.
MatrixSaver 1.0 – Replicates the screen effects from The Matrix. (Free)
Mocha 1.0 – Monitors your network, warns of suspicious activity. (Free) 1.0 – Widget makes long URLs short. (Free)

Mac Games Picks are Up, New mac software releases here

October 19th, 2008 by cate

Check out this week’s mac games. Other new software releases are below:

Speaker Mute 1.0 – Automatically mutes the Mac’s volume when no headphones are connected. (Free)
pwrWndws 1.0 – Move files and folders via 2 symmetrical Finder windows. (Demo)
CogTool 1.0 – Cognitive performance modeling. (Free)
PhotoCopy 1.0 – Lets you combine iPhoto’s ease of use with the great sharing features of Flickr.
Sunset at the Ligurian Sea 1.0 – Sunset at the Ligurian Sea, a free screensaver for Mac
servebox 1.0 – Controls Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Subversion all from one window. (Free)
3D Desktop Zombies Screen Saver 1.0 – Watch as the undead come back to life and roam your desktop, fighting, crawling, and leaving messy footprints, blood and gore, all over the screen you were just working on, or any other image
Full Rune 1.0 – Lets you play RuneScape fullscreen. (Free)
Backboard 1.0 – Bulletin board for collecting notes and tasks. (Free)
Hello 1.0 – Learn a language the easy, fun and fast way. (Demo)
UserMatic 1.0 – Utility for managing Final Cut Pro preferences. (Demo)
Loader 1.0 – Streamlines importing media into Final Cut Pro. (Demo)
Mickey Mouse Widget 1.0 – Makes Mickey Mouse appear on your Dashboard. (Free)
Cross Weight 1.0 – Calculates weight distribution, weight bias, and cross weight. (Commercial)
Somersault 1.0 – Combines aspects of classic platform games with new gameplay elements. (Shareware)
kello 1.0 – A clock. With a retro look!
X-Trafik 1.0 – Widget for public transportation info in Gävleborg, Sweden. (Free)
Upplands Lokaltrafik 1.0 – Widget for public transportation info in Uppland, Sweden. (Free)
WiFi Radar 1.0 – Displays information about wireless networks. (Free)
FireWire Saver 1.0 – For fans of the FireWire port, 2 wallpapers also included. (Free)

Mac Games Picks are Up, plus here are new mac software releases

October 12th, 2008 by cate

Picks are up, so please find them here: mac games. Hope you like ‘em. Otherwise, here are new mac software releases:

ScreenLock 1.0 – will lock your computer but keep your files and applications running, away from prying eyes but ready for your return, keep your secrets secret with ScreenLock. (free)
Vega 1.01 – An arcade styled casual game.
antipop 1.0 – Stops your external speakers from popping when powered on/off. (Free)
TaskMagic 1.0 – Manage all the things you need to get done. (Commercial)
iWeb SEO Tool 1.0 – Optimize your iWeb based website for search engines and more. (Free)
Cubism 1.0 – Simple, colorful, fun and (slightly) useful iTunes visualizer. (Free)
ActionGear 1.0 – Task management application that lives in the menubar. (Demo)
DuckFighterI 1.0 – Battle ducks in your Dock. (Free)
VideoPier HD 1.0 – HD worklows for your MPEG video. (Demo)
DownloadMonitor 1.0 – Choose how, when, and which downloads the computer ought to react to. (Free)
Glossy 2 Iconset 1.0 – shiny icons.
Cryptomfs 1.0 – Will use a directory to store encrypted files. The mountpoint will provide access to the unencrypted data, but no data is ever written to the harddisk without encryption.
Domain Name Widget 1.0 – Checks domain availability instantly. (Free)
Orbiter 1.0 – Side addition to the Dock to launch apps quickly. (Free)
Protoplasm Flare Icon Set 1.0 – Over 30 Leopard-Ready glowing folder icons including photo folder, video folder, music folder, hot folder, plus many more.
100blocks 1.0 – For children to learn calculation using only mouse operations. (Shareware)
iBloodTracker 1.1 – Track your arterial blood pressure, heart rate and weight. (Shareware)
Show Hidden Files 1.0 – Show/hide hidden files without using Terminal. (Free)
Mini vMac Full Edition 1.0 – Popular classic emulator. (Free)
Calibrated MXF Spotlight 1.0 – Plugin extracts video, audio, timecode, metadata info from MXF files. (Free)
TV Show Tracker 1.0 – Widget lets you track all of your favorite TV shows. (Free)
3D Desktop Zombies! Screen Saver 1.0 – Watch as the undead come back to life and roam your desktop. (Shareware)

Have a great week!

Mac game picks are up and here are new releases of mac software

October 5th, 2008 by cate

Check out the picks here: mac games.

Other new releases are:

4DockMaster 1.0 – Widget to change position, switch between 2D/3D Dock. (Free)
Mondrianum 1.0b7 – Explore and find color themes. (Free)
rubiTrack 1.0.1 – Display, analyze, organize your runs, bike rides, walks, hikes, more. (Shareware)
Halloween Sudoku 1.0 – Hauntingly fun rendition of the popular Sudoku game. (Shareware)
TimeCache Manager 1.0 – Manage an office full of TimeCache users. (Demo)
Update Engine 1.0 – Framework for developers to keep their products up-to-date. (Free)
Top Draw 1.0 – Create surprisingly complex and interesting images. (Free)
TSheets Time Tracker 1.01 – Widget for tracking time against project/job codes. (Free)
SousChef 1.0 – Helps you cook, start to finish. (Shareware)
Secret of the Lost Cavern 1.0 – Paleolithic period adventure. (Demo)
3D Desktop Kitty Cats Screen Saver 1.0 – screeensaver (free)
KryptEdit 1.0 – Text editor loaded with simple cryptography tools and more. (Free)
Transliteration 1.0 – Replaces characters of one alphabet with characters of another. (Free)
Screenium 1.0 – Advanced screen capture utility. (Demo)
Sharpshooter 1.0.2 – Rename screenshots as they are taken. (Shareware)
SlingPlayer 1.0.6 – Stream your TV over your home network. (Demo)
Ivory – mahjongg solitaire game. free
Carve-A-Pumpkin 1.0 – Get your Dashboard in the Halloween mood. (Free)
The Ultimate Guitar Practice Companion 1.0 – Get the most out of your practice sessions. (Demo)
Xplorer 1.0 – Navigate around the globe searching for hidden objects. (Demo)
GeoEdu 1.0 – Atlas and game of worldwide geography. (Free)
Scorer 1.0 – An electronic scoreboard that can be controlled via remote control.
Logbook 1.0 – Menubar app enables Backpack users to post Journal status updates. (Shareware)
Lotus 1.0 – Timer for monitoring your daily meditation excercises. (Free)
PreferenceCleaner 1.0.2 – Simplifies the task of deleting preference files. (Free)
Safari PB 1.0 – Launches Safari and enables Private Browsing. (Free)
JuicePhone 1.0 – Extracts your iTunes iPhone/iPod touch backups. (Free)

This Week’s Game Picks Plus New Mac Software

September 28th, 2008 by cate

Game picks are up! Here: mac games.

Here are the week’s new mac software etc.:

Zatikon 1.0 - is a turn based multiplayer tactics game featuring over 50 unique units. Build your army and defeat your opponent.

RipIt 1.0.8 – Gets your movies off the disc and onto your Mac. (Shareware)

Webify 1.0 – A basic image editor aimed at simplifying the process of producing quality, web-ready images for use on the web.

macVCR 1.0 – Record your computer screen to a QuickTime movie. (Demo)

iGenres 1.0.1 – Easily change the musical genres images in iTunes 8 grid view. (Free)

Zen Flash Gallery 1.0 – Easily present images on your Web site with a slick Flash interface. (Demo)

3D Butterflies In Autumn 1.1 – Colors fly past and toward viewer from the forest depths. Optional falling autumn leaves.

Speak 1.0 - Lets your computer talk to you in a simple clean interface. (Free)

iPodRip 1.0.3 – Copy songs from iPod to Mac. (Shareware)

Pear Note 1.0 – Integrates audio, video, and slides with traditional text notes. (Shareware)

iSearchMusic Widget 1.0 – Search Google for music files. (Free)

BombDunk 1.0.3
– Locate the hidden bombs without making too many mistakes. (Shareware)

Have a good week!

Mac Game Picks are up, and new mac software releases

September 14th, 2008 by cate

This week’s picks are up: mac games.

Here are some new mac software released this week:

Shutter Bug 1.0 – This free set of icons features many photography related icons. Imagery relating to sharpness, focus, aperture, color, gamma correction and much more.

Spore 1.0 – Game where you work your way through five evolutionary phases, including Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization and Space, that offer unique challenges, thrills and goals.

iPreview Clipboard 1.0 – Expedites placing an image from the clipboard into Preview.

iRingtunes X 1.0 – Easily create ringtones for your iPhone from any unprotected songs in your entire iTunes library.

Clips 1.0.1 – Manage snippets and share clippings like never before.

iTunes Store Link Deleter 1.0 – Delete the ugly and uncomfortable iTunes Store arrow links.

TraffiX 1.0 – ets Mac users determine whether they are likely to exceed their ISPs usage caps. It installs no background applications, and requires no particular expertise to use. It does not need to be run continuously to work.

Speak N Spell 1.3 – Helps you practice spelling skills. The over 48,000 word built-in word set is appropriate for adults; when used with children you can make your own words with words they use.

Corkboard 1.1.1 – Lets you manage your data and works-in-progress in a new and intuitive way. It works alongside your clipboard—the place things go when you copy or paste them—to hold more data and show you exactly what’s going on.

Muryan Reversi 1.0 – 3D reversi.

nano-chromatic 1.0 – 9 icons for the new iPod nanos.

Lightsoft Weather Center 1.0 – is weather station software for the Davis Vantage and WS-2300 series of hardware weather stations.

Zatikon 1.0 – Construct your army out of creatures as varied as the magnificent dragon, mighty warrior, evil necromancer or holy Templar. Destroy your opponent with a heavy cavalry charge or defeat their army before they can reach you with archers, crossbowmen and mages. Use an unlimited number of strategies to defeat your opponents and earn gold to increase the might of your army.

Smart Widget Installer 1.0 – Just drop any number of widgets on the app to install them. If the widget is not installed it will install normally. If it is already installed, you get the smart upgrade option, which will update the widget without closing any copies you already have open.

Thesaurus 1.0 – Retrieve the synonym for every word. If available you will get antonyms, related terms, similar word and user suggestions too. Click one of the results to start a quick new search for that term. As well it keeps a history list of your search terms.

MindNode Pro 1.0 – Mindmapping application for the Macintosh. It was created with the user in mind and features a very clean interface for quickly creating visually appealing mind maps. MindNode Pro is based on the same code-base as MindNode and provides additional functionality that help to improve your productivity.

Trek Trivia 1.0 – 250 facts spanning all 5 television series (Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise).

Have a great week!