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Mar 14

Pure Hidden

Open up some jars and find hidden objects, puzzles and tiny worlds with this surprisingly different Mac game. Enter a wonderful realm with a magical shelf holding little cream boxes. You’ll open them up and find all kinds of fun trinkets, puzzles and other worldly dimensions. Explore all the areas and unlock beautiful wallpapers, and …Click Here to read the full story.

Mar 14

Rasputin’s Curse

It was time for Lora to take a break from life and escape in the form of travel and hidden objects Mac games. She decides to venture to Saint Petersburg, Russia, where her great grandmother was raised, and was a place that has always intrigued her. She hadn’t a clue why until now. Join her …Click Here to read the full story.

Mar 14

Steve the Sheriff: The Case of the Missing Thing

Do you remember our favorite deep sea, law enforcing crab? Steve the Sheriff is back! It seems that the “thing” is missing. You know, the THING! So, grab your scuba gear and flippers because it’s time to dive into an all new hidden object adventure crime set in the wacky town of Neptuneville.

Feb 14

Matchmakers – Joining Hearts

Take on the role of a spot-on matchmaker who never fails to find soulmates for her single friends and acquaintances. After making the perfect match help make a gift and carefully organize the first date. Search for items by name or shape, or even spotting identical objects in multiple scenes.

Feb 14

Haunted Manor – Lord of Mirrors

Mixing adventure game with hidden objects, Haunted Manor – Lord of Mirrors takes you on a fun ride traveling beyond the mirrors in a haunted manor. There’s an evil entity, the Lord of Mirrors, who has trapped Stan Riddle inside the manor. Meet the other ghosts trapped there as well and help them move along. …Click Here to read the full story.