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Aug 14

Shutter Island

On an island off Massachusetts’s coast, an escaped schizophrenic patient from a hospital for the criminally insane is the main subject, based on the suspense novel, Shutter Island (written by Dennis Lehane, the same author who penned Mystic River) turned feature film adaptation (a Martin Scorsese film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley) now turned …Click Here to read the full story.

Aug 14

Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island

Secret Missions: Matahari and the Kaiser’s Submarines left us wanting to go on more secret missions. Luckily, here’s another adventure/hidden objects game for Mac that will take you on a secret mission to the Bermuda Triangle. A mysterious island has appeared out of nowhere in the Devil’s Triangle, and you’re to investigate it. Help famous …Click Here to read the full story.

Jul 14

Lost in the City – Post Scriptum

Do you remember getting Lost in the City? For this next installment hidden objects mixed with adventure game, the main characters, Ann and Hero, are now being freed from the lost city and must resume living on the outside. They soon learn that the future of the real world rests in their hands, and if …Click Here to read the full story.

Jun 14

Youda Legend – The Golden Bird of Paradise

The Youda Legend continues after the successful hidden objects Mac game, Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond. In this newer installment, you’ve taken a much needed vacation following the action packed adventure in Amsterdam, but after a visit to a fortune teller, you end up embarking on a journey that will take you to faraway tropical …Click Here to read the full story.

Jun 14

A Gypsy’s Tale – The Tower of Secrets

Blending classic point and click adventure gaming with hidden object challenges, the excellent Mac game, A Gypsy’s Tale – The Tower of Secrets, puts you in the role of Reylin, who’s been hired by a monk to save a woman from a mysterious tower.  This tower is surrounded by a maze replete with intriguing characters …Click Here to read the full story.