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Sep 14

The History Channel Lost Worlds

Offering scores of fascinating facts and fun puzzle games, The History Channel Lost Worlds takes gamers all over to experience lost worlds during various times in history. Select a theme (Mayan civilization, Rome, Egypt) then journey through historical information and different kinds of games: hidden objects, spot the difference, trivia and jigsaw puzzles. Piece together …Click Here to read the full story.

Sep 14

Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen

Help VenusĀ  Williams win another Grand Slam Tennis Championship while she’s being hounded by an unknown stalker. Life just isn’t as innocent as it used to be but that doesn’t mean Venus will be in danger if you have anything to do with it! Solve the strange mystery by figuring out clues and playing an …Click Here to read the full story.

Sep 14


The government is about to nab the rights to sell Malgrey Castle because no one has claimed the property for 100 years. All appraisers sent by your boss have gone insane, including one of your close colleagues. Now it’s your turn! Appraise the old fashioned property, and figure out what caused real estate agents to …Click Here to read the full story.

Sep 14

Ancient Spirits – Columbus’ Legacy

Famed archeologist Professor MacNara and his star student, Virginia Carter, have located Columbus’ missing ship from ages ago. It’s around 500 years old, but still looks new. How can that be? Climb aboard this hidden objects Mac game to find out and to explore the galleon in Ancient Spirits: Columbus’ Legacy. Discover a mysterious artifact …Click Here to read the full story.

Aug 14

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

Grab your flying broom and take a wild ride with Brunhilda as you experience a mystical world filled with magic and loads of humor in this light-hearted and entertaining hidden object adventure game. Your mission will be to save the Magical Realm from utter disaster, which sounds like a heavy, if not impossible task. Don’t …Click Here to read the full story.