Romancing the Seven Wonders – Taj Mahal

Romancing the Seven Wonders - Taj Mahal for macPlay Romancing the Seven Wonders – Taj Mahal, an adventure game for Mac roughly based on true events surrounding the subject of the Taj Mahal, and follow the tale of Prince Khurram, the ruler of India during the 17th century. When Princess Mumtaz died, Prince Khurram was left heartbroken but commissions the most skilled craftsman in India to construct the most magnificent palace in the world, The Taj Mahal, all in the memory of his lost love – but after  Prince Khurram’s death, his soul remains restless, wandering aimlessly around the Taj Mahal looking for Princess Mumtaz. Now, four decades after the prince’s death, you’re to guide his spirit to his one and only love, so they can be reunited forever.

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