Now Available: Ladybugs 2 for Mac OSX (Free) and iPad

I’m happy to announce that we’ve released Ladybugs 2 for Mac OSX 7+ and iPad! The ladybugs have returned for more good times featuring extra fun games for your very little kids. Ladybugs features five different games that engage small children with puzzles, cute animated sound effects and bubbly music. Together these elements create a challenging yet captivating game experience and include hand-eye coordination and color matching skills. The five games are: 1) Tangled Maze: Guide your ladybug through a maze and find the exit; 2) Color Trouble: Bring the ladybug to its matching color home; 3) Ladybug Race: Race against a blue ladybug; 4) Baby Game: Pick up a baby ladybug and together return home; and 5) Cloud Game: Find your way home and avoid the clouds above.

NOTE: Since it is designed for small children, the function to return to the main menu, located at the top right portion of the screen, works differently than most other games. In Ladybugs 2, the button must be pressed for approximately three seconds in order to return to the main menu to choose another game, or to quit the game. This method was incorporated so that a child will not accidentally leave his/her game by unintentionally touching (on the iPad) or clicking (on a Mac) this button.

Ladybugs 2 for Mac is FREE if you download it right here at (It’s $4.95 at the Apple Game App Store). Ladybugs 2 for iPad can be found at the iTunes App Store for 99 cents (click here). Lastly, it’s coming soon to Blackberry and tablets running Android including the Kindle Fire and B&N’s Nook. Please help us out and spread the love about Ladybugs by tweeting about it,  liking our page on Facebook or sharing it on the social network of your choice. Thanks!

About Author: Cate Defrise
Cate Defrise is an earth and health-conscious American foodie who is developing indie mac games and apps in France. Her site is Mac Games And More. Follow Cate on Twitter and Facebook.Twitter - Facebook - Email