Fun Friday Games: Missing Brides, Nightmarish Amusement Parks, A Marooned Man and More

Friday took long enough to get here! Every week, Mac Games and More posts five casual Apple games you might not have heard of, that you can play well into the weekend. Come back next Friday and every Friday to see the featured games. Have a fun weekend.

Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's EditionGrim Tales – The Bride Collector’s Edition (adventure/hidden objects) – It could be a case of cold feet when your sister doesn’t show up for her own wedding but since no one can find her we can only suspect foul play. Go to the family mansion, which of course is an abandoned and very scary home, to look through your sister’s posessions hoping to find any clues to her whereabouts. Download it now

Dora Saves the Snow Princess
Dora Saves the Snow Princess (kids’ puzzles) – Kids’ favorite explorer, Dora, is back for more adventures in Dora Saves the Snow Princess. Tag along with Dora through a whimsical land filled with fun sleigh rides, hidden clickable puzzles and more. Whether it’s winter or not, you can always join in on the games catch up with Dora for an afternoon adventure and save the Snow Princess before winter is gone forever. Download it now

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (hidden objects) – Based on the classic novel you probably read in high school, follow the same story of a man who longed for a different, more exciting life but finds himself marooned on a deserted island for nearly 30 years. Inside this hidden objects game help Robinson fight against cannibals, visit a lost village, explore the fascinating island and build a new boat to sail back home. Download it now

Hobby Farm
Hobby Farm (time management / sim) – Play 50 levels playing a farm-themed time management game. Jill, who has dreamed of owning her own farm, stumbles upon an abandoned farm, which she immediately inhabits and transforms into a thriving business filled not just with farm produce and livestock only but bi-products of these things. Your challenges include day-to-day tasks of feeding animals, producing beverages from your produce, etc. and also handling night time thieves and other detriments to the farm.   Download it now

Dreamland (hidden objects) – More of a Nightmareland, than a Dreamland, enter a decrepit and long neglected amusement park, where an evil dwarf resides and for kicks, collects souls from people who have unfortunately entered the park. Wander through this run-down place in this hidden objects game and find a way to stop the dwarf from continuing on his quest to steal souls. Download it now

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