Fun Friday Games: Dying for Music, Mahjong Madness, Inheriting a Mansion and More

TGI Friday. This week Mac Games and More has posted five casual Mac games you might not have heard of, that you can play into the weekend. Come back next Friday and every Friday to see the featured games. Have a spectacular weekend.

Maestro Music of Death Collector's EditionMaestro Music of Death Collector’s Edition (adventure/hidden objects) – Music does not do wonders for the inhabitants of Paris, but rather, ages them…and quickly. Mon Dieu! The streets are deserted and an auditory plague is spreading and has reached epidemic proportions. With this excellent adventure game with some hidden object game play and a perfectly matching music score, explore Paris and investigate what or who is causing this unfortunate malady. Download it now 

Mahjong RoadshowMahjong Roadshow (mahjong/tile matching) – Mixing tile matching game play with antiquing, travel across the U.S. of A. to scour each town you visit for priceless antiques. Determine whether you’ve found trash or treasure, picking up the latter, of course. Your ultimate  goal is to win the grand prize at a contest for antique auction collections. For every tile match you make, earn money, which helps you to buy bonuses. These, in turn, will get you to your goal easier and quicker.   Download it now 

Parking DashParking Dash (dash/time management) – There’s probably a saying in here somewhere but on with the game. Parking Dash features Karma, who has just inherited a car parking garage. She takes on the job of parking valet trying to earn lots and lots of money. There’s much more involved than parking. You’ve got to also keep clients happy with donuts and make sure you keep track of car colors and more. It’s surprisingly addictive game play.  Five locations, 50 levels. Download it now 

Runes of Avalon 2Runes of Avalon 2 (puzzle/match three) – This unique game blends Harry Potter-y fantasy with match three and tetris-like gaming. Help the brave heroine Evelyne save the kingdom from the evil Morgana’s wicked curse.  Clear game boards, and as you create your matches, earn spells to power your defense or buy magical bonuses allowing you to be able to hurtle your new found mystical abilities.  100 levels.    Download it now 

GardenscapesGardenscapes (hidden objects/adventure) – Inherit an old mansion and its attached garden.  With the help of Austin, your butler,  you’ve got to restore the garden but since you’re broke, you have to rummage through the mansion to sell whatever you can so you can finance the garden’s restoration.  People will come wandering into the mansion looking for specific items, so be ready for them and earn as much as you can to meet your goals in this beautiful hidden objects adventure game.   Download it now

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