This is a selection of mac games for Apple computers running Mac OS X that we’ve found and loved. The majority of these games were developed by independent developers, who we strongly support. Please feel free to click on the title of each mac game to read its full description and to download the demo version of the game to play it for free. And later, if you like the game and are interested in playing the full version of it, then go ahead and purchase it!

Mac Games

Oct 14

And Yet It Moves

Just like most genres of Mac games, platformers, too, are twisting, changing and evolving, pushing gaming to new heights. With And Yet It Moves, you will largely be playing a platformer but your game world rotates. This is cool because it means as you jump and run you can make impossible landings and the objects …Click Here to read the full story.

Oct 14

House of Wonders: Babies Come Home

Are you ready to step inside the House of Wonders: Babies Come Home? Here’s what you’ll find there: daddy-to-be Larry is starting to get nervous, which is usual for an expecting parent. But his case is slightly different from most expecting parents. Babies are extraordinarily expensive and Larry needs your help since he’s expecting five …Click Here to read the full story.

Oct 14

Fun Friday Game: The Agency of Anomalies: The Last Performance Collector’s Edition

The Agency of Anomalies-The Last Performance – Collector’s Edition (hidden objects) – Take on the role of a paranormal detective who has been approached by a disfigured women looking for someone to help her. She’s part of a troupe of performers in a freak show and her fellow entertainers are slowly being poisoned by an …Click Here to read the full story.

Oct 14

Chicken Invaders 2 Christmas Edition

Ho ho ho! I mean, cluck, cluck, cluck! It’s time to talk chicken as we return to combat the usual suspects trying to invade the earth. The chicken invaders are back with a vengeance and this time they’re determined to take over the Grinch’s role stealing Christmas. While they’re at it, they want to dominate …Click Here to read the full story.

Oct 14

Hidden Wonders of the Depths 3 – Atlantis Adventures

You might have played and liked Hidden Wonders of the Depths 1 and Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2. Now it’s time to splash into the Hidden Wonders of the Depths 3, a matching jewel game for Mac, which I think is the best of the three. Go on an Atlantis Adventure to experience even …Click Here to read the full story.