This is a selection of mac games for Apple computers running Mac OS X that we’ve found and loved. The majority of these games were developed by independent developers, who we strongly support. Please feel free to click on the title of each mac game to read its full description and to download the demo version of the game to play it for free. And later, if you like the game and are interested in playing the full version of it, then go ahead and purchase it!

Mac Games

Dec 14

Mishap 2 An Intentional Haunting

Wacky, hilarious characters and dialogue collide with gorgeous graphics, ingenious arcade-style puzzles and unique hidden object scenes inside this sequel to Mishap An Accidental Haunting. Gamers might like this second seek and find installment even better than the first. Milton Hobblepop’s paranormal research has been stolen, so he and the Mishap ghost gang must stop …Click Here to read the full story.

Dec 14

Hot Dish 2 The Cross Country Cook Off

Remember the fun Mac game, United States of Pool, where players crossed the country after completing a series of pool matches? Hot Dish 2 Cross Country Cook Off, would be a remote cousin, a United States of Food of sorts, where gamers combine traveling across the country with competing at regional cook offs. You’ll be …Click Here to read the full story.

Dec 14

Fun Friday of Five Mac Games

It’s Friday! This week Mac Games and More has posted five casual Mac games you might not have heard of, that you can play into the weekend. Come back next Friday and every Friday to see the featured games. Have a good weekend! Airport Mania 2 Wild Trips (airport time management) – This excellent sequel …Click Here to read the full story.

Dec 14


Isn’t it a relief that we have Mac games like Plantasia because in it you can plant and water seeds, harvest flowers, restore fountains, and watch as your gardens bloom, all without getting your nails dirty? A fairy in-training needs assistance restoring magical gardens so she can move on with her life. You can help …Click Here to read the full story.

Dec 14

The Burger Shop 2

How’d you like to wake up all beat up and thrown inside a dumpster? You find all your own burger restaurants boarded up and you have absolutely no idea how this all happened. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. You’ll need to get going if you’re going to figure out what happened, …Click Here to read the full story.