This is a selection of mac games for Apple computers running Mac OS X that we’ve found and loved. The majority of these games were developed by independent developers, who we strongly support. Please feel free to click on the title of each mac game to read its full description and to download the demo version of the game to play it for free. And later, if you like the game and are interested in playing the full version of it, then go ahead and purchase it!

Mac Games

Nov 14

Fisher’s Family Farm

Head on over to a different kind of farm: a fish farm. Marissa’s family business is in trouble and they’re asking you to help them get back into the black. Buy fish from all over the world, raise them well, then sell them for a huge profit in this time management/dash game for Mac. Beware …Click Here to read the full story.

Nov 14

Redemption Cemetery – Curse of the Raven

Redemption Cemetery – Curse of the Raven takes you to an eery place as you play through levels of hidden object puzzles. You’ve gotten into a car wreck and while still a bit dazed and confused, you end up inside a strange graveyard. Instead of finding a way out, you encounter trapped spirits who are …Click Here to read the full story.

Nov 14

Mystery Trackers – The Void

Mystery Trackers – The Void beautifully blends point and click adventure game play with hidden object puzzles as you play a detective sent to a creepy old mansion to find missing celebrities. Step inside the Void mansion where it’s said that evil Dr. Void conducts heinous experments –  and you’ll find challenging seek and find …Click Here to read the full story.

Nov 14


When I shop at a mall, I see room for improvement there, wherever it may be. I’ll say, “Where’s H&M or Anthropologie?” Or, “Why don’t they have The Container Store or BCBG in this mall?” “Where’s Hotdog On A Stick? I want a lemonade!” And lastly, “Where on earth is BEST BUY!??” Now I can …Click Here to read the full story.

Nov 14

Passport to Perfume

Some people (particularly the French) believe that the French are the true masters of the art of perfume. Prove them wrong and run your own successful parfumerie (perfume boutique) in Passport to Perfume, selling the most sought after scents that you have created yourself. In typical “dash” style, take care of all of your customers, …Click Here to read the full story.